The BioIntelligence initiative

The BioIntelligence initiative will lead to a major paradigm shift in the pharmacological R&D practices. The goal is to develop a series of software applications allowing life science industries to adopt Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methods to conduct their research and development activities. These software applications will build upon a common platform, so-called the BioPLM platform, specifically designed and developed in the course of the project to enable any group of researchers to consolidate all the information relevant for their field of experiments into a format usable by the software suite.

The BioIntelligence program intends to transcribe for life sciences industries the techniques of traditional PLM, already used in different manufacturing industry sectors. Although the "BioPLM" methodology is inspired by traditional PLM, it requires different technological and theoretical fundamentals and cannot be directly derived from existing technologies. The pharmaceutical R &D is characterized by its complexity and a high attrition rate which could be reduced thanks to the development of tools for modeling, simulation and prediction integrated within a platform to streamline collaboration throughout the R&D chain.

The BioIntelligence Consortium is born from the vision and successes of the PLM collaborative paradigm, demonstrated in dozens of industries over the past 15 years and deployed on very complex industrial undertakings. It aims at catalyzing collaboration and  a/ enable the transformation of the current business and scientific practices, b/ incentivize scientific knowledge capture, acquisition, diffusion and reuse and foster a wider culture of scientific collaboration and c/ widen the usage of the virtual world with predictive simulation for new biological systems of molecule discoveries (systems biology).


Jumpstarted by Sobios and its partner Dassault Systèmes (3DS), the BioIntelligence Consortium is a Private-Public Consortium. Operationally driven by 3DS, it comprises industrial partners (Bayer CropScienceIpsenPierre FabreSanofi and Servier), bio-IT specialists (Sobios and Aureus Pharma), and public research institutes (GénopoleINRIAINSERM).